Annual Conference 2024



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Time and place

Date: 16-17th of March 2024
Place: Quality Hotel Globe, Stockholm
Price: 3000 SEK (lunch and snacks included)

Dinner (optional): 600 SEK




Saturday 16th of March



Christian Fossum


Frank Willard


Lunch included.




Sunday 17th of March



Robert Shaw & Hazel Mansfield 


Representantive from Osteopathy Europe


Lunch included.







Frank H. Willard


 ”Fascial System and Trauma: Development, Anatomy, Function, and Dysfunction, exploring the intricate aspects of the fascial system in relation to trauma”.


Frank H. Willard is a distinguished Professor of Anatomy at the New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, recognized as a leading figure in the field of anatomy. He is a member of the Scientific Research Honor Society Sigma XI, the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience, the International Brain Research Organization, and the American College of Neuropsychiatrists. He is also an honorary member of the American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO).


Willard is also the author of the books "Medical Neuroanatomy: a pro-blem-oriented manual with annotated atlas" and "Nociception and the neuroendocrine-immune connection." 



Christian Fossum


Christian Fossum is an eminent osteopath and Associate Professor with a remarkable background in the field. Christian brings a charismatic presence and disruptive influence to his lecture titled "Osteopathy: From a Charismatic Social Movement and Disruptive Influence to a Global Health Profession." With a rich academic background, he has contributed to numerous articles and books, showcasing his dedication to advancing osteopathic knowledge. Currently overseeing osteopathic studies at Norges Helsehögskole, he has previously served as Vice Rector at the European School of Osteopathy and held an Associate Professor position at the Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. His diverse experience also includes the role of Associate Director at the A.T. Still Research Institute at A.T. Still University of Health Sciences in Kirksville, USA. Attendees can expect a thought-provoking exploration of osteopathy's evolution and its impact on global health in Christian Fossum's presentation.



Robert Shaw and Hazel Mansfield


Through the Neuroscientific Keyhole: Understanding Psychological

Trauma in Osteopathic Practice


Are you an osteopathic practitioner looking to enhance your knowledge and skills in dealing with psychological trauma in your practice? We invite you to explore the world of neuroscience, with a focus on interoception, to better comprehend the impact of trauma on the body. We will explore the theory and assessment of PTSD and trauma, equipping yourself with the tools to recognize and manage trauma-related symptoms effectively. Real-life case examples and practical tips will provide invaluable insights.


The course combines short, informative lectures with engaging discussion groups,

fostering collaborative learning. Please come prepared to share experiences from your own clinical experience as there is opportunity for participants to share anonymized cases from their own practices.


The course is designed to equip you with the essential tools and insights to provideeffective care and referral options for individuals who have experienced trauma.


Robert Shaw PhD


Robert has worked as an osteopath for over 30 years and a psychotherapist for over 25 years. He obtained his PhD in 2000 exploring the concept of embodiment within the therapeutic encounter. He has written many journal articles, a book, and lectured throughout Europe on the subject. He has a specialised training in dealing with the

physical and psychological aspects of post traumatic stress disorder. He moved to Sweden in 2010 and currently has a private practice as an osteopath, integrative

psychotherapist, lecturer and supervisor.


Hazel Mansfield


Hazel has worked as an osteopath for nearly 20 years and before that gained a masters in neuropsychology from University of Cambridge. She works in private practice in Stockholm and is passionate about integrating fields of knowledge to enhance osteopathic clinical practice, with better understanding of what osteopaths can do, and improved patient experience. This has led to her current project which is an innovative tool to assess musculoskeletal health. She specialises in neuroscience, and in particular concepts relevant to osteopathy, such as interoception. She has taught and supervised osteopaths, physiotherapists and other professions for nearly 20 years and lectures regularly at post-graduate level throughout Europe.


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